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Nightshift 75: Endgame
F11-20, F-A, South 1-B, 1-West, 1-Center, Sun Room, Library, Secret Stairs, IRIS Chamber, Security Checkpoint 3, Decontamination Room, West Wing North 3-B, Live Cultures Test Chambers, , , ...

Dayshift 75:
1st shift: Lloyd
3rd shift: Guy
Bulletin: L's Map

Nightshift 74:
F11-20, F-A, South 1-B, 1-West with L, 1-Center, Sun Room, Library, Secret Stairs, Janitor's Closet, South 3-B, 3-West, 3-A, Records Archive with Castiel & Kratos & Lloyd, Climate Control Utilities, General Storage, 3-A again, Live Cultures Server Room, First Floor & Basement Security Station, IRIS Maintenance. Radio post.

Dayshift 74:
Lloyd on the bulletin.

Nightshift 73:
F11-20, South 1-B, 1-West, 1-Center, Sun Room, Library, Secret Stairs, Fitness Room, 3-Center, Conference Room 1, Security Checkpoint 2, Locker Room, Residential Hall, Suite 1, Sample Prep Lab 1, Environmental Test Chambers, Pressurized Test Chamber, Janitor's Closet, South 3-A.

Dayshift 73:
2nd: Library with Zero
3rd: Sun room with Soushi
4th: Talking to Sora about Byrne

Bulletin: Paging NS buddies,

Nightshift 72:

Meeting with Ryuuzaki fell through.

F11-20, F-A (passing Zero), 1-West.

Dayshift 72:

1st: Breakfast with Alphonse Elric
2nd: n/a
3rd: n/a
4th: n/a
Dinner: Here, finding rebel note.

Bulletin: Re: the Library

Nightshift 71:

F16, 1-West with Ryuuzaki, chatting about the third floor.

Dayshift 71:
1st: [overslept, woke up to find Ilia gone]
2nd: Meeting Ryusei ([personal profile] asteroidbelt) at brunch.
3rd: Talking about the radios with Zero ([personal profile] dividedby)
4th: [skip]
Dinner: here, no reply

Bulletin: Ilia's gone, Sora has seen Byrne outside the Institute, confirmation that the radios work.

Other: Rebel Note
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Nightshift 70:

F16, F-A, 1-West with L, Nina, Edgar (they all got each other's radio numbers).

Dayshift 70: (Doyleton)

Bus: [bus with Ilia, handwaved. No significant information content except that Lana would have told her she was cured. She specifically did not mention the basement.]
Morning: Hanging in the park with Gren ([personal profile] stellarregions)
Afternoon: [picked up a radio, handwaved]
Rest of day: [hiatus]

Nightshift 69: Sphinx run with Ryuuzaki, Edgar, and Nina
F11-20, 1-West, Ballroom, Basement West Hall, Sphinx's Chamber.

Dayshift 69:

1st: Breakfast with Nina.

Bulletin: Ilia's party announcement,

Nightshift 68:


Dayshift 68:

1st: Short breakfast with Gren ([personal profile] stellarregions)
2nd: Meeting Yuri. ([personal profile] voiceofthanatos)
3rd: [hiatus]
4th: [hiatus]

Bulletin: Thanking her previous-night protectors, there were portals again.

Nightshift 67:
F11-20, F-A, South 1-B
1-West. Rest handwaved due to hiatuses of multiple players: Lana passed out, and was found ill and incoherent by the others.

Dayshift 67:

1st: [skip]
2nd: [skip]
3rd: Sun Room with Zero
4th: [skip]
Dinner: [handwave]

Bulletin: Harvey Dent is dead, Ilia wonders about people who've left, L confirms the cure worked.

Nightshift 66:

F11-20, F-A, 1-West, 1-Center, Entry Room, Bus Unloading Area, East of the Institute, Forest, River.

Dayshift 66:
1st: Breakfast with Harvey Dent
2nd: [hiatus]
3rd: Lunch with Gumshoe
4th: [hiatus]
Dinner: [hiatus]

Bulletin Posting: Gumshoe checks in,
Bulletin Reading: Sora became a monster, confirmation of what they saw, Byrne was monstered (seen just before dinner), surgery worked.
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Nightshift 65:
F16, F-A, 1-West, 1-Center, 1-East, Med Wing Hall, X-Ray Room, Med Wing Hall, 1-East, 1-Center, Entry Room.

Dayshift 65:
1st: Breakfast (solo)
2nd: Shower and Monster Plot discussion with Byrne
3rd: Catch-up and NS planning with Ryuuzaki
4th: [skipped]
Dinner: NS plan chit-chat with Ilia.

Bulletin Posting: [none - she was fairly ill]
Bulletin Reading: Secret night meetings, Byrne paging Badd, Faciliar's offer.

Nightshift 64: Hiatus, but was at Ilia's party and heard the intercom announcements. She just didn't feel well enough to head out.

Dayshift 64:
1st: Meeting Scar
2nd-3rd: Hiatus
4th: Visited by Damon Gant

Bulletin Posting: Lunge is gone.
Bulletin Reading: Ilia's party.

Nightshift 63: (Doyleton, monster plot)
Bus 2, Road to/from Doyleton, Ames Street, Germaine Street, Main Street, Sheriff's Office with Harvey, Zero, and Leanne.

Dayshift 63: (Doyleton, monster plot)
Bus: Interrogating Gamzee
Morning: Commiserating with Zero
Noon: [skipped]
Early Afternoon: Lunch with Klavier
Late Afternoon: [skipped]
Bus: Riding back with Gumshoe

Bulletin: Monster Plague survey.

Nightshift 62:
Meeting up with Gumshoe. F16, F-A with Gumshoe , 1-West, 1-Center, 1-East, Front Desk (Med Wing), Med Wing Halls
(and Intercom, Intercom 2, Radio).

Dayshift 62: (Ema's departure, ill due to monster plot)
1st: Breakfast and intel with Soma (NOTE: info on the institute)
2nd: Not Crying on Badd's shoulder
3rd: Or on Byrne's, either.
4th: Shower and talking to L
Dinner: In vino veritas

Bulletin Posting: Ema's gone, Ilia's traumatized, Klavier's roommate is looking for him.
Bulletin Reading: Puzzle (she was going to show it to Ema), Badd and Byrne's spat (which she didn't read, since Byrne already felt his privacy had been invaded, but she did see the flurry of notes going back and forth).

Nightshift 61:

Dayshift 61:
1st: [skipped]
2nd: Bulletin investigation with Prosecutor Gavin
3rd: [free]
4th: Self-defense lessons with Sakura (thread never got going)
Dinner: [skipped]

Bulletin Posting: None.
Bulletin Reading: Ilia is fine, Byrne not so much, Chise wants to know what happened, Zero to Ema.
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Scalpel: acquired first night in one of the autopsy rooms. Thrown at a leftover NS 58 and not recovered.
Two new scalpels, acquired in Autopsy Room 1, NS 59.
Surgical shears: also acquired her first night. Generally not carried.
Candlestick -- large, brass, heavy. Acquired during the portals event.
Police baton -- acquired from Meekins. Also got some snacks, but gave them to Ema.
Revolver: 8 bullets, acquired from Damon Gant.
Portal ring, originally discharged: acquired from Damon Gant. Now set to her room.
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Nightshift 60:
Self-defense lessons with Renji and Ema.

Dayshift 60:
1st: Comforting Ema ([personal profile] scientist_skye)
2nd: Catching up with Gumshoe ([personal profile] ham_fisted)
3rd: [skipped]
4th: Meeting Celty ([profile] sortaheadstrong)
Dinner: Self-defense with Ilia ([personal profile] avengingfists)

Bulletin Posting: Trolling for info, Javert is dead, Asking how the rings work, Requesting self-defense lessions, and inviting Ema to them.
Bulletin Reading: Lawyerstalking,

Nightshift 59:
Morgue trip with Badd.
F16, F-A, South 1-B, 1-West, Stairs, 2-West, South 2-B, North 2-B, Morgue, Autopsy Room 1, Morgue, North 2-B, South 2-B.

Dayshift 59:
1st: Breakfast with Zero ([profile] believein0)
2nd: Library with Harvey Dent ([profile] unheroed)
3rd: skip
4th: Sun Room with Utena ([profile] roseoverture)
Dinner: here with Ilia ([personal profile] avengingfists)

Bulletin Posting: Damon Gant is dead, Badd got SC'd.
Bulletin Reading: Gamzee is alright, Ema to S&R, Zero to Ema.

Nightshift 58:
F16 (finding Meekins' stuff), F21 (dropping off snacks for Ema), F-A, South 1-B, 1-West with Damon Gant, 1-Center, 1-East, Front Desk (Med Wing), Patient Records (Med Wing), back to the Front Desk (with a leftover), Group Therapy Room 2.

Dayshift 58:
Breakfast: skipped
1st: skipped
Lunch: here with Damon Gant ([personal profile] gargantuanlaugh)
3rd: here with Javert ([personal profile] unmocked_lawr)
Dinner: Interrogating Ilia ([personal profile] avengingfists)

Bulletin Posting: Meekins calls roll, Javert investigates, Looking for Gamzee and "Jane", Ghosts, Gumshoe roll call.
Bulletin Reading: None.

Nightshift 57:
Setting out,
checking on Ema, moving, stopping to help Terra ([personal profile] ultimagi) along with Bella ([profile] vitale), 1-Center, 1-East encounter with ghostly Gamzee ([profile] mirthfulness), Medical Wing.

Dayshift 57: (Visitors)
1st: Sun Room with Harvey Dent ([profile] unheroed), in which they discussed the basement and the unsuitability of lawyers to combat.
2nd: Brunch with Miles Edgeworth ([personal profile] the_prosecutor), in which tension was high but an awkward agreement was found.
3rd: Disturbing the Peace with Mike Meekins ([profile] dork_at_duty), in which Meekins impressed Lana with his earnestness, though little else.
4th: Game Room (no takers)
Dinner: here with Ilia

Bulletin Posting: Meeting L.L., Meekins reports, Edgeworth v. Gant, offering Lelouch help.
Bulletin Reading: More Lelouch info.
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Nightshift 56:
Exploring with Ema ([ profile] scientist_skye) and Mello ([ profile] swornandbroken):
F16, F-A, F21, F-A, West South 1-B, 1-West, 1-Center, 1-East, Stairs, 2-East, East Wing Hall 2-A, , Main File Storage.

Dayshift 56: (Doyleton)
Bus: Checking in with Ema ([ profile] scientist_skye)
1st: Exploring Main Street, Center Street, with Badd ([ profile] tasteoftruth)
2nd: Brainbreaking Phoenix ([ profile] in_your_defense)
3rd: [skipped; she spent it shopping for sunglasses and earplugs for Ema]
4th: Street-side saloon [free, no takers]
Bus: Finally meeting Niikura ([ profile] oneman_onekill)

Bulletin Posting: Meltdown man
Bulletin Reading: Phoenix is making...friends.

Nightshift 55:

Exploring with Ilia: F16, F-A, Outside F28, note from Ema on F21, F-A again, West Wing South 1-B, 1-West, 1-Center, Entry Room, File Room 1.

Dayshift 55:
1st: Cleaning duty with Kaworu ([ profile] moral_liberty)
2nd: Snow with Matt ([ profile] gamingsostfu)
3rd: That is not food with Hattori Heiji ([ profile] osakapwnzu)
4th: Shower and then with Lunge ([ profile] herr_inspektor)
Dinner: Here with Ilia ([ profile] avengingfists) and continuing into NS.

Bulletin Posting: Parasite effects, Ema's apology, death prior to Landel's, Paging Badd, Classifications.
Bulletin Reading: Where is Nurse Lydia?, Where's Kay (first note only).

Nightshift 54: (Parasite Event: bad luck)
F16, F-A, F28 with Ema ([ profile] scientist_skye),
F-A again with monster attack.

Dayshift 54:
First: Breakfast (and sneaking out of the fight) with Ilia & Ema
Second (greenhouse): Meeting ex-Detective Badd ([ profile] tasteoftruth)
Third: skipped (sick)
Fourth: Roll call and sun room with Harvey Dent
Interlude: Soldiers drag off the Head Doctor
Dinner: here with Ilia ([ profile] avengingfists)

Bulletin Posting: Ema wants to see her sis,
Bulletin Reading: Yatagarasu stalking, Ema to Renamon, magic rings, Gumshoe to FvK, bulletin info on outside, keeping tabs on her ex-partner (she only saw the initial note).

Nightshift 53:
Sleeping soundly and deeply for perhaps the first time in years.

Dayshift 53:
Breakfast with Klavier Gavin ([ profile] rocksthecourt)
2nd Shift: here with Mihai ([ profile] whichwayagain) and possibly Franziska?
Lunch: skipped due to being sick (assuming she ate lunch quietly while figuring out How To solve A Problem Like Maria Gant.)
Sun Room showdown with Damon Gant ([ profile] gargantuanlaugh).
Dinner: mutual hiatusing

Bulletin Posting: asking Franziska about Klavier.
Bulletin Reading: Gant likes organs, Yatagarasu 1, and two, has anyone talked to the Head (note: only saw main post, not replies), Ema & Kay doing lunch.

Nightshift 52:
F11-20, F-A, Outside F28 picking up Ema ([ profile] scientist_skye), F-A, South 1-B, 1-West, 1-Center, Lobby 1 truth-finding with Ema and Gumshoe ([ profile] ham_fisted), plus Shadow Event.

Dayshift 52:
1st: Breakfast with new roommate Ilia ([ profile] avengingfists)
2nd: Book Discussion with Ratigan ([ profile] ttly_not_a_rat)
3rd: Lunch with Harvey Dent ([ profile] unheroed)
4th: Yahtzee with Ema ([ profile] scientist_skye)
Dinner: Here with Ilia ([ profile] avengingfists)

Bulletin Posting: Harvey's Law Enforcement survey, lunch with Mr. Dent, Yatagarasu 2.0, ...
Bulletin Reading: ...
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[The entirety of this transcript has been copied here, along with the first floor, second floor, and roof map, a very abbreviated list of clubs/organizations (club name, two or three words on purpose, leader names, with a note added later mentioning that S&R = Javert and is meeting later.), the list of monsters (also very abbreviated), and the timeline.

Yes, someone got VK to spoil them. She also read but did not copy Edgeworth's primer, as there was only so much time. She did mark the Sun Room, the animal pens, and the courtyard as dangerous.]

Graffiti in town is new.

Last week -- patients left in Doyleton at night. Unknown but substantial number of deaths (bulletin, "IJ"). Dent -- does not believe # of deaths.

[A map of a handful of shops in Doyleton has been added by hand -- it includes everything down to Bill's Hardware on Main Street, plus Black Rock Inn, including street signs, but nothing else.]
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Ema Skye & roommate Agatha ?

1st Night - Radio 2 b'casts (Jill)

1) Jack came back (fr _______?), Doctor (Landel?) left for 1 day. "Spell didn't hold up."

2) Clues: 2 plcs of worship, bodies of water nr tI, + whr staff keep supplies

2nd Night - Radio

1) Jill: He (Jack?) is hurt badly, needs help, not just clue.

FJO: Notes

Feb. 14th, 2010 12:32 pm
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For [ profile] forjusticeonly's Temporary Character event.

Lana is now 31, and is either still in jail or newly-released on probation. (This will be decided before logs happen.)

She is planning to get her PhD. and go into teaching law when she is released -- she has been studying from prison.

She was mostly a model prisoner; but there were a few incidents with people she'd sent to jail that resulted in some arguments and everyone involved being put in solitary for a while. None of them were cases where evidence had been tampered with; all of those had been reprocessed after her tell-all testimony. These were all legitimate convictions.
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Dayshift & Nightshift 51: On hiatus (ICly sick and confined to her room.)

Nightshift 50:
F16, F-A, Outside F28 with Ema ([ profile] scientist_skye), F-A again, South 1-B, 1-West, 1-Center, Sun Room (seeing SC Yukari and Agatha up on the balcony), 1-Center again, 1-West again kicking off Language Event and meeting Utena, Stairwell, 2-West, 2-Center with SC Agatha ([ profile] mistressmadgirl)
Dayshift 50:
1st: Reunion with Ema ([ profile] scientist_skye) and Agatha ([ profile] mistressmadgirl)
2nd: Skipped (assuming a solo breakfast)
3rd: Visited by Angela Laverne (Mia Fey)
4th: Skipped (assuming roped into watching King Kong quietly)
Dinner: here, no reply.

Bulletin Posting: Demanding a lawyer on the IC suggestions post.
Bulletin Reading: Anon seeks neurosurgeon (but has no luck).

Nightshift 49: (Portals)
F16, F-A, outside F28 with Agatha ([ profile] mistressmadgirl), F-A, South 1-B, 1-West splitting off from Agatha, meeting Damon Gant ([ profile] gargantuanlaugh, Stairs, 2-West, West South 2-B, Mountain Antiques, Male Nurse Prep Area, Bath and Beauty Shop, Men's Showers, Group Therapy 2, Sun Room, Group Therapy 2 (again).

Also: Ema's M-U thread

Dayshift 49: (Doyleton)
Bus 3: here with Endrance ([ profile] oftemptation)
Shift 1: starting here, continuing here with Manfred von Karma ([ profile] perfectrecord)
Shift 2: Grocery window-shopping with Tim Drake ([ profile] thirdboywonder)
Shift 3: Bickering in the rain, and in the bookshop with Harvey Dent ([ profile] unheroed)
Shift 4: Pestering Sheriff Tam, and back to the bulletin and meeting Rolo ([ profile] timeseal)
Bus back: Skipped.
Dinner: F16 (new room), but no reply from Ruby.

Bulletin Posting: Graffiti and Zombie Preparedness, Asking about the radio clue, More Zombie Preparedness.
Bulletin Reading: Javert re: Zombies and Lunge (yes, she found both). She read just about everything, again, looking to see if Ema found the bulletin.
Nightshift 48:
Going to try to block her sister from wandering; when that fails, tagging along to protect her.

Dayshift 48:
First: Breakfast with Lunge ([ profile] herr_inspektor)
Second: Sister meetup with Ema ([ profile] scientist_skye)
Lunch: Trying to get spoilers (and not succeeding) with Franziska von Karma ([ profile] iwhipthefool)
Fourth: Trust and half-hearted confessions with Javert ([ profile] unmocked_lawr)

Bulletin Posting: Javert re:Edgeworth, Anyone else from 2016 LA?
Bulletin Reading: Ema's handwriting on Scott Pilgrim's basement quest, Javert re:Wright, General time paradox info. Also, she skimmed through pretty much everything, but didn't record or try to remember personal messages.

Nightshift 47:
Wandering with Harvey Dent ([ profile] unheroed)
Intercom, Wakeup in F26, F-A block, WW South 1-B, 1-West, Stairwell, 2-West, South 2-B, North 2-B, Morgue, Autopsy Room 2.
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  1. Aquilas (not a virgin)
  2. Schuldig (no telepathic defenses)
  3. Kakashi (no physical techniques)
  4. Artemis (no magical ability)
  5. Nigredo (can be hypnotized)
  6. Teresa (no demonic connection)
  7. Abe Sapien (still no telepathic defenses)
  8. Renamon (completely human)
  9. Stein (soul looks like briars)
  10. Crane (fears)
  11. Japan (otaku fourth-walling = doubtful)

Real life: TBD

Patient possessions: TBD

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